Private sessions in Meditation & Mindful Yoga

Bettina Gagick - Consultation en nutrition, méditation et yoga à Aix les Bains

Private sessions in Meditation and Mindful yoga are accessible to all. You don’t have to be flexible, young, thin or acrobatic. Those sessions allow you to gently reconnect with your body. Come as you are. This is where we start !

For some of us it can be challenging to practice meditation being still. Using movements can be a great alternative to stillness. Through gentle and mindful yoga I guide you to bring your awareness on the bodily sensations together with your breath. I guide you to cultivate moment-to-moment awareness, tailoring the practice that fit your needs at your own pace.

Through the practice of meditation and mindful yoga you reconnect with your body and develop the ability to center and ground yourself. You experience that thoughts and feeling are just thoughts and feeling, not facts and certainly not permanent.

You learn to pay attention to yourself, your mind and return to focusing on your body and breath and notice how it can begin to stabilize and calm you.

Different themes are discussed such as breathing, thoughts, senses, bodily sensations, emotions, thoughts, self-compassion…
The breathing exercises and gentle movements allow you to release tensions and you are able to step back from the noise of the mind.


At my office
Espace Revard
58 Grand Port Avenue
73100 Aix-Les-Bains

Practical information

Price: 60 euros
Duration: 1h

All consultations are confidential
There is no particular outfit, just feel comfortable.
Meditation, relaxation and yoga equipment are available on site
Meditation and relaxation are accessible to all