Mindfulness at workplace

Bettina Gagick coach et thérapeute en nutrition et méditation à Aix Les Bains

I support managers and companies in cultivating Mindfulness. 12 years of international experience (Middle East, United States and Denmark) as a lawyer specializing in European law and Public International law and 7 years of experience in the field of health promotion gives me in-depth knowledge of the issues and problematics at a workplace.

Today, the business world is changing faster and faster, and with it our businesses. Individuals and organizations need to be ready. We must now learn to work with uncertainty and complexity. In this context, our technical skills are no longer enough. It is becoming essential to complete our know-how by developing our human skills, in other words our “life skills”. Values such as empathy, vulnerability, self-compassion and compassion allow manager to develop their team and achieve their goals. The practice of these values is not innate and it has to be learned and worked on.

The research and studies completed to date largely indicate the benefits of practicing mindfulness in the workplace. From increase in emotional intelligence to an improved approach to communication to its contribution to one’s physical health to reduced interpersonal conflicts, the payoffs of improving your mindfulness skills are huge.

In order to best meet your needs, I suggest to develop tailored-made program or training. I adapt to your needs or situations. Let’s talk about it.