Bettina Gagick - consultations nutrition à Aix les Bains

Do you eat without being hungry?
Do you get lost in the hubbub of your thoughts and a negative inner dialogue?
Are you eating when you feel bad, sad, angry, exhausted or lonely?
Do you spend a lot of time worrying about your diet, your weight and/or your body image?
Are you trapped in the same eating patterns over and over again?
Are you in the endless loop of being on one diet after another?

Then you are not alone.
Let me help you find the way to your new, healthier self.

  • To cultivate a better understanding of yourself and your patterns
  • To eat with serenity and stabilize your weight
  • To reconnect with your body, listen to it, rather than letting your emotions take over
  • To make peace with the diet insanity, food control and restrictions
  • To feel good about yourself whatever your weight is
  • To deliberately undertake lasting actions and changes in order to create the life you want

Food is simple, human beings are not.

Our mind and our functioning are complex. Certain life circumstances (childhood, family, relationships, divorce, work, stress etc.) generate anxiety, pain and/or trigger “negative” emotions that we seek to free ourselves from. In order to find some soothing, we develop various coping strategies. In this context we give a food response to a non-food problem. This is the beginning of an endless cycle of weight control, food restrictions, on-going diets… Restrictions and diets amplify emotional eating and lead to long-term weight gain and weigh loss resistance. Over time we lose touch with our body. Eventually we no longer feel hunger nor satiety.

I teach you to understand and change destructive patterns such as comfort- or overeating, as well as to implement balanced habits and routines. Throughout our sessions, you learn to feel hunger and satiety – and to eat accordingly. I help you to develop a relaxed and natural relationship with food and to make peace with your body.

« Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. »

Albert Einstein

What does a consultation with me look like?

Your goal; what you want to achieve in your life is the starting point of our work whether it is to have a better body image, make peace with your eating patterns, eat intuitively, stabilize or lose weight. This is your space.

A consultation with me is equivalent to a professional, motivating and inspiring conversation. Together, we explore your challenges, what’s holding you back from achieving what you desire, and work out a plan for what needs to be done to get there.

Through coaching and ACT therapy (Acceptance and Commitment therapy), I help you to understand your eating patterns and clarify your life values ​​to guide and motivate lasting changes in order for you to create the life you want. My approach is holistic. (Re)-connecting with your soul and body, opening up to self-compassion and vulnerability are part of the process. I integrate mindfulness meditation and yoga into my support. You learn to observe your mind and no longer identify with it. The practice of meditation and yoga helps to release physical tensions and energy knots. Meditation allows us to practice the regulation of emotions and impulses. You develop the skill of being present, and you become able to take better care of yourself and meet your needs.

You have all the answers. I simply facilitate the reconnection to your Self. Above all, trust yourself !

Bettina Gagick coach et thérapeute en nutrition et méditation à Aix Les Bains

Our session is organized according to your goals.
It could be about:

  • a desire for a lasting weight loss
  • learning to feel hunger and satiety – and then eat
  • to achieve a natural relationship with the body and food;
  • to be satisfied with yourself and your body just as it is
  • to get a handle on your eating pattern; e.g. comfort/ and overeating
  • to let go of rules about food and restrictive eating;
  • to stop the loop of food restriction, control, diets
  • to achieve greater self-love
  • to let go of excuses and procrastination
  • to develop self-esteem and let go self-sabotage
  • to implement more movement in your everyday life
  • to let go of emotional eating (anxiety, shame, anger, sadness…)

You will not get a diet nor a food plan from our sessions. This is not my approach.

We have excellent dieticians and doctors to do this kind of work if that is what you are looking for.

Ready to move forward?

Let’s meet over the phone for a free of charge talk. It allows you to explain me your desires and expectations as well as asking questions. I’m then able to determine if I can help.