Walk & Talk session

Bettina Gagick - Coaching nutrition Walk & Talk à Aix les Bains

This format is only accessible after 2-3 consultations when we have identified your challenges, (food) history and eating patterns as well as defined your goal.

The Walk & Talk session is an alternative to more traditional face-to-face methods. It consists of carrying out a consultation while walking outside.

The Walk & Talk session offers an opportunity to reduce stress, relieve body tension, improve circulation, breathe deep and clear the body-mind of intrusive, negative and ruminative thoughts and sensations. A great way to re-connect with your body and soothing your nervous system. These sessions can help you decrease anxiety, regulate mood and enjoy more restful sleep.

What you get

  • Re-connect with your body, improvement of energy level & wellness
  • A consultation session based on ACT therapy (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and/or cognitive coaching depending on your needs.
  • Support and motivation throughout our sessions
  • Personalized tools and exercises that help you reach your goal (journaling, breathing exercise, short mediation, mantra…)


Lac du Bourget
Meeting at Lac du Bourget at a predefined place that I communicate you

Practical information

Price: 60 euros
Duration: 1h
Frequency of sessions: optional and according to individual needs
A pair of sneakers and comfortable clothes
Method of payment: Paypal, cash and bank checks