The MBSR-program

Bettina Gagick - Séances de méditation à Aix les Bains

MBSR (Mindfulness Based stress reduction) is an intensive 8-week, once weekly, group program developed by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in 1979. It is now an internationally acclaimed program with a growing body of research supporting its potential benefits for a variety of populations.

Through intensive training in a combination of mindfulness, cognitive behavioral and self- regulation skills, participants learn to mobilize their deep inner resources to facilitate growth, healing, enhance self-care and make positive shifts in attitudes, behaviors and relationships.

The program consists of eight weekly (2½ hour) classes as well as an all-day retreat between weeks six and seven. Participants are given daily home practice assignments designed to assist in the development of a disciplined and nurturing meditation practice (30-45 minutes daily) for which audio supports, written documents and exercises are provided.

Classes take the form of presentations of information (stress, emotions, neurocognitive functioning, etc.), the experience of a variety of guided meditation practices, and group discussion of the challenges, benefits, and strategies of developing an ongoing home practice.

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Thursday, September 15 at 7pm – 8pm free Orientation session open to all who wants to enroll the MBSR program

Free orientation sessionSeptember 15 (Thursday)7pm – 8pm
Session 1Sept. 22 (Thursday)6.30pm - 9pm
Session 2Sept. 29 (Thursday)6.30pm - 9pm
Session 3Oct. 6 (Thursday)6.30pm - 9pm
Session 4Oct. 13 (Thursday)6.30pm - 9pm
Session 5Oct. 20 (Thursday)6.30pm - 9pm
Session 6Nov. 3 (Thursday)6.30pm - 9pm
All day practiceNov. 11 (Friday)9am - 4 pm
Session 7Nov. 17 (Thursday)6.30pm - 9pm
Session 8Nov.24 (Thursday)6.30pm - 9pm


Espace Revard
58 Grand Port Avenue
73100 Aix-Les-Bains

Infos pratiques

Price: 430€

There is no particular outfit, just wear comfortable clothing.
Bring water, meditation cushion, a blanket and a yoga matt